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At Hostplan we recognise the value you, as customers and colleagues, bring to our business. To embrace this value, we have created the HostPlan Partner Program to meet your unique needs by offering you and your clients unprecedented flexibility in packaging, billing and service.

Hostplan hosting packages enable you to offer a professional hosting service, allowing you to focus on your main area of expertise whilst we provide quality, affordable, responsive Web hosting services to your customers.

Why become a HostPlan Partner?

As a HostPlan Partner your business will receive the following commercial advantages:

  • You can offer Web hosting packages in addition to your existing services and create a new income stream for your business.
  • You have the freedom to set your own pricing structure with your customers.
  • You don't have to worry about keeping up-to-date with the latest ISP hardware and software technology, or potentially expensive and risky maintenance and equipment costs.
  • You receive the high level of support and service that HostPlan is renowned for.
  • You are still able to bill your own clients, with HostPlan remaining virtually invisible (a setup fee will apply), or we can bill them direct for you.
  • You receive a special Partner ID to speed up the service order process and enable inclusion of any special instructions within the comments section of the order form.
  • Best of all, Partners are not obliged to maintain any client quotas!

What Technical benefits does a Partner receive?

As a HostPlan Partner our technical team will provide you with an interface to a comprehensive management toolset to enable you and your clients to access relevant information associated with HostPlan services. Some of the technical benefits that yoour business will receive include:

  • Use of our unbranded control panel
  • Easy setup of domains and services for your clients
  • Powerful Web site monitoring features 
  • Priority support service through a 1300 dialin service

What discount does a Partner receive?
will apply the Partner discount to every eligible account you have with us. These discounts apply to all ongoing services we provide to you, including such things as additional email addresses and disk space.
Partner discounts do NOT apply to the initial account setup charge, excess bandwidth charges (should any apply), and domain application fees.

How do I become a Partner?
There is no registration fee! To become a partner, simply apply for a Partner ID at www.hostplan.com.au. When completing the order form, state in the comments section that you wish to have a Partner ID assigned. Then, when ordering additional accounts, enter the Partner ID that we email you. You can then leave all of the contact details blank.


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